Interview with Dirk Messemaker from EMDR Kit

In this interview, you’ll meet Dirk Messemaker, the founder of EMDR equipment company, EMDR Kit. Dirk will share what inspired him to create a new light bar, and how he developed the very first Bluetooth enabled EMDR light bar and wireless tappers.  

You will learn

About EMDR Kit

EMDR Kit is an industry leader in developing EMDR equipment. The Netherlands-based company was the first one to bring Bluetooth technology to EMDR light bars and tappers. The slick looking light bar, with wireless EMDR tappers are all controlled by the simple, easy-to-use app that was developed by EMDR Kit. 

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See how it works

Watch a demonstration video of the wireless EMDR light bar by EMDR kit


Visit the EMDR Kit website, where you can order the EMDR light bar

EMDR Remote

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