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EMDR Resources for clients

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EMDR Therapy will help you rewire your brain. It's effective and evidence-based. It's life-changing.
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EMDR Resources for Clinicians

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Watch this video (9:42) to get a better understanding of EMDR

Hi, I'm Rotem

EMDR changed everything for me.

Before I started treating my clients with EMDR, I liked being a therapist. I listened to my clients, provided support and gave some advice. Occasionally I would see my clients change. When change happened – it was minimal. Baby steps. 

EMDR changed three main things in my practice as a therapist

1. I started seeing more clients change.

2. The change happens faster. Much faster.

3. The change is different. Instead of baby steps – clients experience transformation. 

The way EMDR helped my clients change was initially hard to grasp. Being a logical person, I was taught to believe that if it feels too good to be true – it is too good to be true. But I was wrong. I continue to see my clients heal, thrive and transform with EMDR therapy.

And thanks to EMDR, I stopped liking what I do, and started loving what I do.