Interview with Amie Luyties from EMDR Remote

In this interview, Amie Luyties, co-founder of EMDR Remote, shares how her own struggles to continue serving her EMDR clients during the COVID-19 pandemic have led her to start a platform that serves EMDR therapists. Amie describes the most important considerations in developing the platform, and how she created the EMDR Therapist’s dream tool.

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About EMDR Remote

EMDR Remote was developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and EMDR therapists’ need to continue working remotely without compromising on the most essential aspects of EMDR therapy. The platform allows EMDR therapists to securely connect with their clients without having to deal with technological issues. 

With EMDR Remote v2.0, you can keep seeing your clients remotely using built-In HIPAA compliant video service and the built-in light bar technology.


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