Perfecting The Virtual EMDR Experience - An Interview With Mark Brayne

Mark Brayne, an EMDR Europe accredited consultant, shares how to maintain professionalism while practicing EMDR virtually. In this interview, Mark describes everything EMDR therapists need to know in order to perform EMDR online with attention to details (such as sound and camera angles), what to do when a client dissociates and how to keep paying attention to the therapeutic relationship while doing EMDR remotely.  

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About Mark Brayne

Mark Brayne is a former BBC and Reuters foreign correspondent, with Cold War era postings in Moscow, Berlin, Vienna and Beijing. Mark retrained in the 1990s as a transpersonal psychotherapist and has been working since 2004 with EMDR. He’s been an EMDR Europe-accredited Consultant since 2011. An enthusiast for Laurel Parnell’s Attachment-Focused EMDR, he has in the past facilitated Dr. Parnell’s trainings in the UK. He now teaches his own advanced EMDR workshops – Unleash your EMDR: Release the Magic. Mark works and trains exclusively online.

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