Therapist Burnout
An Interview with Laura Casey-Foss

Therapist burnout is not unique to EMDR therapists. But since EMDR is designed to heal trauma, EMDR therapists treat more clients with trauma, and can be more exposed to burnout. In this interview, Laura Casey-Foss, a psychologist and a certified EMDR therapist, talks about therapist burnout, what to do to prevent burnout and (more importantly) what not to do  

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Laura Casey-Foss

Laura Casey-Foss is a registered psychologist and certified EMDR therapist. She lives on the west coast of Newfoundland (an island off the east coast of Canada that’s about the same size as the state of NY – but with only half a million people on it). Her background is in early developmental work with a focus on attachment and developmental disorders. Most of her current work is with first responders and other helpers (e.g., front-line social workers). Her therapy support dog, Zulu, works as an integral part of her practice. Outside of the therapy office, Laura is a chicken keeper, gardener, yogi, and power-lifter.

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