Are you healing the wound or using a band aid?

Don't compromise on treatment with limited result

Most forms of therapy lead to temporary and short-term results. By rewiring the limbic system, EMDR therapy leads to faster changes in thoughts, behaviors and emotions. These long-lasting changes occur thanks to the changes that happen in the brain during EMDR treatment. And when the brain changes, destructive emotions that originate in the past are replaced by the joy of living in the moment.  

EMDR Changed my life. It can change yours too.

EMDR therapy helped me change so many lives that it ended up changing mine. By treating my clients with EMDR I’ve realized the limitless power of healing we have as therapists. When I started providing consultation to newly trained EMDR therapists, I’ve learned that many therapists need some help and support in their EMDR journey. Many EMDR therapists find it hard to navigate the endless information that flows through books, articles, studies, and of course, the internet.

My mission is to share information with EMDR therapists who are trained in EMDR and want to improve their practice.

I am here to not only give you information but provide you the tools you need to improve the EMDR work you do with your clients.

EMDR is a transformational form of psychotherapy. It has the potential to create long-lasting changes for our clients and EMDR-mediocracy is not an option. Mediocre EMDR work will lead to mediocre outcomes, or worse – making your client worse. 

EMDR-mediocracy is not an option. 

Many EMDR-trained therapists are still afraid to use EMDR in their practice, or not sure what to do when things get complicated; what do you do when SUD level doesn’t change, or worse – when your client starts dissociating in session?

I don’t have all the answers but I continue exploring. 

Rotem Brayer
Rotem Brayer, M.Ed., LPC​

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