Perinatal EMDR
An Interview with Mara Tesler-Stein

Perinatal EMDR therapy remains a controversial issue. Should EMDR therapists reprocess trauma with pregnant women? Or should they hold off on trauma reprocessing? Dr. Mara Tesler-Stein, an EMDR therapist, consultant and educator is here to demystify some of the myths about doing perinatal EMDR work. Mara is the founder of the Touchstone Institute and provides trainings and consultations specific to clinicians who specialize in doing perinatal work. 


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About Mara Tesler-Stein

Mara Tesler-Stein is a licensed psychologist based in Chicago. She is an EMDRIA approved consultant and EMDR trainer for The Institute for Creative Mindfulness. Her training institute, The Touchstone Institute offers training in EMDR (both basic and advanced topics) specifically to clinicians specializing in perinatal and infant mental health. 

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