Ready to quit your habit?

Strong habits can feel impossible to control, but with cutting-edge treatment and focus on results, you will overcome your habit and live life to the fullest. 

Maximizing Treatment Effectiveness Is My Obsession


Just talking without focus is not going to be a good use of our time. To maximize the efficacy of your treatment we will focus on results.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing


Using and analyzing data will help us find what works and what doesn't. Data-informed therapy will improve the outcomes of your treatment.

EMDR Toolbox


Understanding how the brain operates is crucial to a successful treatment. Cutting Edge treatments like EMDR and biofeedback make a difference.

Cutting edge Treatment
Meets ancient wisdom

Over the past few decades, we’ve learned why ancient practices like mindfulness and yoga are so effective. With the right tools, we can measure the outcomes of your meditation, breathwork, and other practices. Looking at the data can give us insight into which practices are effective on a physiological level, so we don’t have to guess. Keeping track of your data will make the difference between just talking about your problems and actively working on resolving them. Our effective treatment will focus on the the positive outcomes you will gain. 

Rotem Brayer

About Rotem

Being a therapist is more than just a job or a career. For me, my profession is my mission. I am deeply committed to helping my clients not only reduce their symptoms but to improve their overall well-being. I focus on results.

My therapy style is goal-oriented, with a lot of attention to the therapeutic relationship, the goals of treatment and the desired outcomes.

I specialize in EMDR therapy, a therapeutic modality that has been shown to be extremely effective. I don’t believe in mediocre results and focus on resolving the core issues, to help my clients create long lasting results.   

My Promise to You

Minute Regular Session
Minute Extended EMDR Session
% Focus On Your Goal