A New EMDR Training Platform By EMDR Remote

EMDR trainings will never be the same. EMDR Remote offers a new EMDR training platform for basic and advanced EMDR trainings. It’s user friendly, it has great features and it’s free.      

EMDR Training Platform Features

About EMDR Remote

Aiming to be EMDR therapists’ dream tool, EMDR Remote constantly improves its virtual EMDR platform by regularly collecting feedback from its users. The team at EMDR Remote continues to improve the platform, and helps to improve EMDR therapists’ experience. EMDR remote latest tool is a new platform for EMDR trainings. 

EMDR Resources

Perfecting the virtual EMDR experience

An interview with Mark Brayne from EMDR Focus on doing EMDR remotely


EMDR Remote's virtual BLS tool for EMDR therapists - start your free trial

EMDR Therapy and Telehealth

A 2-hour discussion panel video on virtual EMDR
Attachment focused EMDR by Laurell Parnell

Attachment Focused EMDR

Laurell Parnel's Book on attachment and EMDR on Amazon
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

EMDR, 3rd Edition

Francine Shapiro's EMDR book on Amazon
EMDR TOOLBOX Second Edition

EMDR Toolbox, Second Edition

Treatment of Complex PTSD and Dissociation with EMDR by Jim Knipe

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Perinatal EMDR

Perinatal EMDR – Interview with Mara Tesler-Stein

In this interview, Mara Tesler-Stein talks about perinatal EMDR therapy and perinatal mental health. Mara helps to demystify some of the myths about doing EMDR work during pregnancy and shares her views, which are supported by research as to why EMDR clinicians should treat clients in the perinatal stage.

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