Therapy with better outcomes

How to choose your therapist? 

If you’re not sure which therapy will help you, I have an idea for you.


Pick up the phone and call three therapists. One EMDR therapist and two other therapists.

When you talk with the three therapists, after they are done telling you about their therapy approach, why it’s so effective and that there are many studies that prove how efficient their therapeutic approach is, ask them a simple question:

How often do you see your clients improve as a result of their therapy?

I really don’t need to say more. I will let the three therapists give you the answer.

Okay. I can tell you. and I’ll make it quick.

The two non-EMDR therapists will tell you how better their clients cope and how coping makes their lives better.

  • They will tell you about offering support
  • They will tell you about teaching their clients coping skills
  • They will not talk about the same type of change
  • The EMDR therapist will tell you about transformation

A transformation is a dramatic shift in perspective. An elimination or a significant reduction of symptoms. Finding calmness for the first time in years or ever.

Don’t believe me? Make the phone calls. Pay attention to what they say. Make sure you choose the right therapy for you.

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Since it was introduced to the world, EMDR therapy has transformed the lives of millions of people. EMDR change your life too! Read about people like you whose lives were transformed by EMDR treatment. 

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