EMDR and Dissociation - An Interview with Dr. Jamie Marich

The combination of EMDR and dissociation can be scary to clients and therapists. What do you do when your client dissociates during an EMDR session? What can you do in advance to prepare for the possibility that your client will dissociate and what not to do when your client dissociates? In this interview, Dr. Jamie Marich explains the relationship between trauma and dissociation, shares her own dissociative experiences and teaches us how to work with dissociative clients when doing EMDR.

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About Jamie Marich

Dr. Jamie Marich is an EMDR therapist, consultant, trainer and educator. Jamie specializes in trauma treatment, but that’s not all! She is also an expressive artist, writer, yoga practitioner, performer, filmmaker, Reiki master, TEDx speaker, and recovery advocate. She unites all of these elements in her mission to inspire healing in others. Jamie teaches internationally on trauma, EMDR therapy, mindfulness, expressive arts, and yoga. She has a private practice and educates therapists from all over the world though The Institute of Creative Mindfulness. Jamie is the author of numerous books on trauma recovery and healing, with many more projects in the works. Jamie is the founder of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

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A personal and professional take on dissociation

Jamie shares more about her own personal experience with dissociation

Trauma and the 12 Steps by Jamie Marich

Jamie's book on the alternative way to heal from addictions and trauma

Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation

Skills Training for PTSD and Dissociation by Boon, Steele and Van der Hart

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Jamie's book on integrating mindfulness into EMDR therapy

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