Integrating EMDR and play therapy with Children


Integrating EMDR and play therapy with children

Loredana Pampinella

  •  The study, by Loredana Pmpinella, examined the use of the integration of EMDR and play therapy. 
  • The purpose of the study was “to describe how mental health professionals integrate EMDR and play therapy in reducing behavioral and emotional challenges of children between the ages of 3 to 12. 
  • According to the study, that quotes Bessel van der Kolk and others, EMDR can be too difficult for children to process, and they don’t always know how to behave during an EMDR session.
  • The research question is “How do mental health professionals describe their experiences of utilizing a combination of EMDR and play therapy for reducing behavioral and emotional challenges for children ages
    three to 12?”

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