Every Memory Deserves Respect
An Interview with Authors Debbie Korn and Michael Baldwin

Authors of the Book Every Memory Deserves Respect: EMDR, the Proven Trauma Therapy with the Power to Heal, share their experience with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Debbie Korn is a veteran EMDR therapist, consultant and thought leader. With three decades of EMDR experience and a lot of success in seeing her clients heal from trauma, Debbie shares her insights on trauma, healing and EMDR therapy. Michael Baldwin suffered from the effects of early childhood trauma for the majority of his life. In his sixties, he started EMDR therapy and was able, for the first time, to experience life without the effects of trauma. In simple language, with beautiful images and with a lot of talent, the authors describe the transformational power of EMDR from the therapist’s and client’s perspective.  

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About Dr. Debbie Korn

Deborah L.  Korn, PsyD, maintains a private practice in Cambridge, MA, is an adjunct training faculty member at the Trauma Research Foundation, and is a senior faculty member at the EMDR Institute.  Dr. Korn has authored or co-authored numerous articles and chapters focused on EMDR therapy, including comprehensive reviews of EMDR applications with Complex PTSD. She is an EMDR International Association-approved consultant and is also on the Editorial Board of the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research. She presents and consults internationally on the treatment of adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect.  Every Memory Deserves Respect, her new book about EMDR therapy—co-authored with Michael Baldwin and written for the layperson—is now available in bookstores and online.


Michael Baldwin is an accomplished leader in the communications industry with more than 35 years of award-winning work in advertising. He is the founder and principal of the branding and communication firm MICHAEL BALDWIN INC, and the author of Just Add Water: An incredibly easy guide for creating simple, powerful presentations. He lives in New York.

About Michael Baldwin

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