Interview with Katie Smith from Bilateral Base

Meet Katie, the founder of Bilateral Base, the company that created a unique web-based application for bilateral stimulation. The platform combines new features, such as virtual EMDR with more traditional EMDR devices, like tactile BLS. Bilateral Base is the first company that created remote EMDR tappers that can be controlled remotely when the therapist is in one location and the client is at home. 

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About Bilateral Base

Bilateral Base is a UK-based company that has brought innovation into the virtual EMDR platform. It not only integrates video into the web-based EMDR application, but it also includes features such as saving clients’ settings, audio BLS and more. In the near future, the platform will allow therapists to control remote tappers in a different location, so tactile bilateral stimulation will be enabled when doing remote EMDR work.  

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Bilateral Base

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