Goodbye therapy with limited results


When it comes to your mental health, mediocracy is not an option.

Most forms of therapy lead to temporary and short-term results. By rewiring the areas of the brain that process emotions, EMDR therapy leads to faster changes in thoughts, emotions and behaviors. These long-lasting changes occur because of the changes that happen in the brain during EMDR treatment. And when the brain changes, destructive emotions that originate in the past are replaced by the joy of living in the present.  

EMDR Changed my life

IT can change yours too

EMDR helped me change so many lives that it ended up changing mine. My mission is to help my clients transform their lives and provide education to help EMDR therapists with integrating EMDR into their practice. 

Rotem Brayer, M.Ed., LPC

Rotem Brayer

Since I started my career as a therapist, I’ve become interested in this question: what makes therapy work? 

Why therapy helps some people get better while others remain the same? What are the factors that make psychotherapy more effective?

More importantly, I wanted to know how I, as a therapist, can be more effective in helping my clients.

Over the past decade, I have extensively researched on how to become more effective as a therapist. I have used, developed and refined tools that help my clients achieve their goals. I’ve become obsessed with effectiveness. I believe that therapy should have concrete goals and predictable outcomes. 

I don’t believe in mediocre results since we all deserve to live life to the fullest.

After I was trained in EMDR, my mission has become to improve my skills as an EMDR therapist and share my knowledge with other practitioners. In addition to becoming a certified EMDR therapist and an EMDR consultant in training, I created The Art and Science of EMDR, as a platform in which I share EMDR related research, knowledge, and techniques, as I continue to expand my knowledge about EMDR.